Neville Schot


We needed a partner that could build an Ecommerce site that delivers on all fronts. Kemana achieved that and more. Chris and the Kemana team have always been there when we need them the most. Our working relationship with Kemana is as strong today as it was on day one.

Neville Schot



The Schots story began in 1978. The business was called The Antique Garden. They sold potted plants and locally sourced second-hand furniture restored in a makeshift workshop in the back room. Today, Schots is recognized as one of Australia’s leading distributors of unique home fittings, fixtures, and furniture. Working alongside an extended family of over 70 staff, including international buyers, importers, marketers, managers, retail and warehouse staff. Together, they search the globe for the best quality materials, craftsmanship and design and proudly display their discoveries across the three expansive emporiums, warehouses and estore.


The need for an online solution for Schots is inevitable, as customers begin to look online before visiting the store. The complete ecommerce system that is easy to navigate, and user friendly will add more conversion to the sales in general.


To provide an Ecommerce site for Schots and providing a seameless journey to each user accessing the website. Such as, payment gateways, ERP integration and Enhance Analytics giving Schots.


Our team in Kemana integrated multiple payment gateways, ERP Integration and Enhanced the Analytics for Shcots.


Kemana revamp the website to have better user experience and improve the performance of the website using PWA technology. Also, Kemana minimises the effort to upgrade the website (Magento versions) by moving to Headless technology which significantly minimizes the effort required for an upgrade. Also, kemana implemented a couple of third party extensions (AppoBox and Moengagae) that helps marketing of the website.


Completion of the ecommerce system with multiple payment gateways, ERP integration and Enhance Analytics.