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Magento arms you with the tools required to drive business growth.




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Better Shopping Experiences

Compelling experiences on any devices

Customizable Responsive Theme

Deploy a true mobile-first experience in half the time with pre-built, responsive design themes that are performance-optimized and customisable.

Advanced Content Creation & Management

Intuitive content building and management tools (Bluefoot) that enables non-technical employees to quickly launch rich, compelling shopping experiences.

Content Staging & Preview

Easily create, preview and schedule site updates without involving IT.

Enterprise-grade CMS Integration

Accelerate integration with industry leading enterprise content management solutions (CMS) from Acquia and Adobe.

Deploy Multi-Site Stores with Ease

Multi-Sites Managed by a Single Platform

  • Different contents in new country and languages
  • Reuse work & allow you to only modify site specific changes

Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Schedule different seasonal events that are relevant to you customers in different regions.

The True Omnichannel Experience

Ship to / from Stores, Pickup from Stores

Ensuring all inventory is available for sale in every channel (better inventory utilisation and “stockout” reduction)

Sell Your Inventory through any Channel

Schedule different seasonal events that are relevant to your customers in different regions.

Intellegently fullfill orders from anywhere

Arming in-store sales associates with mobile point-of-service tools and capabilities like rich product search and real-time endless aisle functionality to close more sales.

New Streamlined Checkout Flow

The New Quick 2-step Checkout

Improving conversion by cutting the number of steps from 5 to 2, reducing the information shoppers are required to enter.

Paypal In-Context Checkout

Faster repeat purchases by using PayPal to store credit cards.

Customised Local Payment Method

Local bank transfer, bank virtual account, cash on delivery.

Convert More Customers In More Ways

Instantly Access Global Shippers

Access the world’s leading carrier networks, without the need for any new development.

Limitless 3rd-party Integration

Integrate with virtually any other external application to expand capabilities and workflow that grow your business.

Engage Customers via Social

Simple 3rd party content integration, Product catalog extraction for your social channels.

Enterprise-grade Analytics

Actionable Insight to Improve Sales

See the actionable insight and take action to improve purchase frequency, order size, and conversion.

Unify Disparate Data Sources

Analyse disparate data sources from one unified view.

Non-Technical Teams

Empower the Marketing Teams

Put the power of promotion and customer relationships in the hands of your marketing teams.

Drag & Drop Content Management

Enables non-technical employees to quickly launch and own compelling shopping experiences without needing a technical background.

Content Staging & Preview

Spend more time developing and testing compelling campaigns to drive sales than managing backend processes.

Intuitive Admin with Customer Views

A more intuitive administration tool that features customisable views.

Smarter Development

Reduce the Development Time & Cost

The organised & clean code reduces the time & cost to build customised features.

Higher Up-Time

Significantly decreases effort involved with troubleshooting errors.

Decrease Training Time

Widely adopted architectural pattern that most developers will understand.